Support the wellbeing of your employees.

Invest in online micro-courses to help them
manage stress and conflict.

What is Mindfulicity?

  • A series of 10+ bite-sized, engaging online skill-building modules to help shift behaviour and attitudes around ongoing
    micro-aggressions in the workplace.
  • Mindfulicity helps employees learn how to regulate their emotions and build conflict management skills for the workplace.
  • By investing in this skill-building training, employers lay the groundwork for safe and secure spaces where all employees can lead their best lives at work and at home.

Skill-building modules are engaging, high fidelity e-learning experiences, and all include interactive videos of emotionally charged workplace scenarios.

The Spectrum
of Aggression

Tap into YW Calgary’s leading expertise in evidence-based training and programs at EVERY stage of the gender-inclusive spectrum.

Mindfulicity - Spectrum of Aggression
Mindfulicity - Spectrum of Aggression
Mindfulicity - Spectrum of Aggression