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Trauma-Informed Leadership

Trauma-Informed Leadership

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Trauma-Informed Leadership
Online Course | 1 Hour

With this training, leaders and aspiring leaders will delve into the practical applications of trauma-informed concepts in the context of their roles. By understanding the impact of trauma on individuals and teams, participants will gain valuable insights into how to lead with compassion and sensitivity, ultimately boosting employee morale, productivity, and overall organizational success.

Attendees will earn a certificate of completion and gain the knowledge to be able to:

  • Define trauma-informed leadership and what it means to implement it in the workplace
  • Speak more confidently about the effects of trauma on workplaces
  • Explain one trauma informed practice that can be brought back to the workplace


May 8 2024 Delivery: Lana Bentley, MSW, RCSW
Lana is an award-winning therapist and holds a bachelor's and master's degree in social work from the University of Calgary. She has worked for nearly a decade in child and mental health for Alberta Health Services and has taught at Bow Valley College, the University of Calgary, and Mount Royal University.

September 25 2024 Delivery: Kate Goodwin, CCC, RCC™, CPHR(C)
Kate Goodwin is a trusted and experienced workplace training facilitator and Mindfulness specialist. She is a Certified Canadian Counsellor, a Certified Professional in Human Resources Candidate and a Registered Corporate Coach specializing in Strength Based Leadership and Employee Mental Health and Wellness. Kate has a master's degree in International and Intercultural Communication, a master's degree in Counselling Psychology and has built wellness programs for organizations across Canada.

Enrollment is automatic upon purchasing this product. Registrants will be emailed a meeting link closer to the time of the event.

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