What is Mindfulicity?

Through ten micro-learning modules, Mindfulicity offers practical tools and strategies to build healthy interpersonal relationships, manage conflict and navigate stress and burnout.

  • Reduce conflict and stress

    In quick 15-minute modules, employees gain critical skills to regulate their emotions in the workplace and manage ongoing microaggressions.

  • Strengthen your culture

    Bite-sized e-learning tracks are focused on promoting personal accountability and better relationships that, in turn, positively
    affect your culture.

  • Tap into deep clinical expertise

    YW Calgary has tapped into its deep clinical expertise counselling clients in high conflict and mental health to create this innovative virtual learning.

  • Improve psychological safety

    Build psychologically safe workplaces through these foundational e-learning tracks grounded in brain-based programming with proven outcomes that change behaviour. 

  • Impact your bottom line

    By focusing on stress, anxiety and conflict in the workplace, this effective e-learning program can help reduce absenteeism and disability claims which, in turn, increase productivity and lower costs.

  • Enhance inclusivity

    Mindfulness practice can help identify biases in the
    workplace and support transformational change by fostering a culture where
    equity, diversity and inclusion thrive.

What learners are saying about Mindfulicity

  • “This really made me think about stepping back, relaxing, and thinking about the reaction, before reacting.”

  • "Mindfulicity tackles a tricky subject in a safe way."

  • "I know so many people at work who could benefit from this."

  • "I appreciate how easy the courses are to navigate. Lots of good information."

  • "The supplemental worksheets and print-offs are great!"

  • "Was very eye-opening and encouraging."

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