Holiday Collection

For most people, the holiday season brings high expectations and changes in routine which can increase feelings of stress and anxiety. It can also bring to light feelings of loneliness, and exacerbate current stresses.

That's why we've curated a trio of modules for the holiday season, designed to prevent adverse situations before they happen, or cope with them as they occur. These three modules delve into essential mindfulness tools we can all use to improve our well-being and relationships during the holidays.

What learners are saying about Mindfulicity

  • “This really made me think about stepping back, relaxing, and thinking about the reaction, before reacting.”

  • "Mindfulicity tackles a tricky subject in a safe way."

  • "I know so many people at work who could benefit from this."

  • "I appreciate how easy the courses are to navigate. Lots of good information."

  • "The supplemental worksheets and print-offs are great!"

  • "Was very eye-opening and encouraging."

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