What is Mindfulicity?

Mindfulicity takes the depth of experience and proven outcomes from YW Calgary’s work
in mental health and conflict to build your organization’s capacity for psychological safety.


In a series of 10+ bite-sized, engaging e-learning modules to help employees change behaviour surrounding ongoing microaggressions in the workplace

  • Coping with Uncertainty
  • Surf the Urge
  • A Balanced Approach
  • Managing Microaggressions
  • Healthy Boundaries
  • Psychological Safety Savvy
  • The Importance of Empathy
  • Learn to Listen
  • Communicating through Conflict
  • Accepting Reality

Key Benefits

Reduce conflict and stress

In quick micro-learning activities, employees gain critical skills to
regulate their emotions in the workplace and manage ongoing

Strengthen your culture

Bite-sized e-learning tracks are focused on promoting personal accountability and better relationships that, in turn, positively
affect your culture.

Tap into world-renowned expertise

YW Calgary is sought by many nationally and internationally for its training on emotional regulation to create a safe space for all.

Improve psychological safety

Address OH&S legislation around psychological safety through
e-learning tracks grounded in brain-based programming with proven outcomes that change behaviour. 

Impact your bottom line

By focusing on conflict in the workplace, this effective e-learning program can help reduce absenteeism and disability claims which,
in turn, will increase productivity and lower costs.


1 %
of end users recommend their employer purchase Mindfulicity
1 %
would have dealt with a previous interpersonal conflict differently
1 %
felt more ready to pause before responding impulsively

What learners are saying about Mindfulicity

“This really made me think about stepping back, relaxing, and thinking about the reaction, before reacting.”
“Mindfulicity tackles a tricky subject in a safe way.”
“I know so many people at work who could benefit from this training.”