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YW Calgary knows the future looks different in our communities and in our workplaces. In response to a changing philanthropic landscape and the continuing prevalence of domestic violence, YW Calgary started an innovation project. The aim? Define a new, regenerative future for YW Calgary using its deep, proven expertise to reach more people. Here is what we found:


YW Calgary’s approach
is unique and changing behaviour

A few years ago, YW Calgary radically shifted its counselling approach to ground their practice in the latest neuroscience and build foundational skills to improve psychological safety. Since this change, YW Calgary is generating excellent outcomes and is helping organizations create safe spaces for their employees at work.

Microaggressions and conflict continue to surface in the workplace

When YW Calgary connected with the corporate community, it heard that, despite large investments in diversity and inclusion programming, many employers felt real behaviour change had not occurred in their organizations. Employers are actively looking for new and better content that can enable true shifts in behaviour and culture. Enter Mindfulicity training – an opportunity to apply YW Calgary’s depth of experience and proven outcomes from its work in mental health and conflict to build capacity for psychological safety in organizations. 

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A Win-Win-Win: Triple the Impact

We are a social enterprise. So when you choose Mindfulicity training for your employees, you are making an investment in the wellbeing of your own people, improving the psychological safety of your organization AND also supporting YW Calgary programs that help vulnerable women and children not only survive but thrive.

This project is part of the Investment Readiness Program.


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