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Is office FOMO keeping you distracted during your vacation?

Summer is here which probably means you’ve got vacation on your mind.

We are all guilty of fantasizing about or even planning vacations at work. 

That’s because when we’re feeling overwhelmed or tired, our brains need a vacation too. 

If you’re finding yourself sluggish and burned out, it might be time for a break.

But time away from the office is not always as stress-free as we imagine, many people find it difficult to unplug from work to truly get the rest they need.

Let’s talk about why vacation mode is so important, and how to get the most out of your time away from the job. Read till the end to get the full scoop!

Why do you need rest?

We all experience some level of stress at work, however, prolonged stress may lead to chronic fatigue and burnout. This type of high-level stress doesn’t just impact individuals, it can impact the entire organization. Office burnout leads to lower productivity, increased absenteeism, high turnover rates and employee dissatisfaction.

 The problem is so wide spread, the World Health Organization termed Burnout an actual medical diagnosis to help raise awareness of its severity.

Read more from the WHO:

If you’re experiencing symptoms of Burnout or other stress-related symptoms scheduling a summer vacation might be exactly what you need. But, before you book a trip to the Caribbean, consider this advice from Mindfulicity expert Lana Bentley:

Bio of Lana Bentley

“Don’t delay attending to your wellness. Vacation may be a distinct period of time to relax but it cannot be the only time set aside to care for your wellness.”


Designate rest periods throughout your week and personal days for short-term breaks.

Try these suggestions:

●     Visualization exercises give the mind its own vacation.

●     Take social media breaks.

●     Unplug from your devices for an extended period of time.

These tricks all serve to boost your creativity, increase productivity and increase your wellbeing.

 Let’s go back to actual vacation time …

 T-minus one week to your vacation:

Your well-deserved summer vacation is just around the corner, the only thing standing in the way of your freedom is the countless tasks that require completion before you leave. It can be even more challenging when a team member throws an unexpected task on your desk.

It can be overwhelming to leave on vacation without feeling like you have things under control.

When we are under this kind of stress it’s easy to start forecasting or catastrophizing situations at work.

Catastrophizing & Forecasting by comparison

“When you’re mindful your time management improves. 

Tasks get done more effectively and more efficiently when your attention isn’t divided”

Lana Bentley


The best thing you can do for the items on your to-do list is to give them your full attention.

Work with focused attention and single-tasking, meaning whatever you are doing, do that fully.

Once you’re on vacation FOMO sets in:

Are you guilty of checking in with the office when you should be in vacation mode?

Does missing an important work event while on summer vacation make you anxious because you are worried that you might be missing an opportunity to network?

Work separation anxiety is real.

Whether it’s demanding deadlines, pressurized work culture or our smartphones, the always-on culture leads to blurry lines between at work and off work. 

The inability to disconnect and relax outside work can lead to a variety of physical and mental health issues.

Setting healthy boundaries for yourself during your vacation will help you make the most of your time. A healthy boundary is like the fence around your house – it keeps the unwanted things out (neighbourhood dogs) while letting useful things in (your visitors).

A healthy boundary might be that you turn off work notifications. Don’t worry your email will be there when you get back.

Returning to work:

 Astronauts aren’t the only ones who suffer upon reentry.

Returning from vacation, and falling back into a routine can all be very overwhelming. Coming back to the office can feel like a mudslide of everything that went on hold while you were away.

3 things you can do to ease yourself back into work mode:

●     Designate time to catch up on emails.

●     Avoid using language like “I’m going to be slammed”.

●     Schedule time to catch up on tasks with your team.

Work-related stress isn’t just an employee-related problem. It’s not as simple as learning to say “no” more often or practicing resilience. Organizations play a key role in creating a culture that allows employees to know they’ll be supported as they take the necessary measures to take care of their wellbeing.

Don’t delay attending to your wellbeing.

Additional resources:

Watch Mindfulicity’s expert, Lana Bentley provide real-life tips to manage your vacation stress.


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