How Can Mindfulicity Help Your Workplace?

Mindfulicity’s skill-building training takes the depth of experience and proven outcomes from YWCA Calgary’s deep expertise in conflict counseling and mental health programming to help organizations build capacity for psychological safety.

One of the most common questions people ask is, “What is Mindfulicity?”

In order to answer, it’s important to first understand how we came to be. So before we share with you how we can help your organization create psychologically safe workspaces, let us tell you our origin story.

How Mindfulicity was born:

It all started with a simple question to HR leaders: “what keeps you up at night?”

Quickly, a common theme emerged. Despite their significant investments in programming like diversity, inclusion, and anti-harassment training, employers were not seeing true behaviour change in the workplace. People continued to be rude and uncivil, causing many conflicts to land on the desks of HR to help resolve.

So we at YW Calgary asked ourselves, “what can we offer that will provide the change in behaviour that organizations are looking for?”

We didn’t have to look far.

Our brain-based counselling program that we provide to our high-conflict clients was getting amazing outcomes for its unique approach. The training not only helped clients improve their relationships with their partners and children, but also with their bosses and team members in the workplace. The key ingredient? Mindfulness.

Our research found that employers continued to be challenged by workplace tension, loss of productivity, and most of all, they were struggling to manage conflict in the workplace. When COVID hit 18 months ago, these challenges jumped to the forefront, as employees struggled with ongoing uncertainty and its effect on their mental health.

“Brains aren’t just born. They’re also built”.
-Alberta Family Wellness Initiative

The brainchild of YW Calgary:

YW Calgary saw an opportunity to leverage its widely respected and effective counselling services for men and women by creating an online program in the form of 10+ bite-size skill-building modules that equip employees and organizations to manage conflict, improve their mental health and reduce negative behaviours. 

We don’t all come the workplace with the same emotional skills.

How it helps create a safe workplace

Now that you know how Mindfulicity came to be, let us tell you how we can help your organization create psychologically safe workplaces.

While other respectful workplace and wellness training focuses on teaching employees how to identify, intervene and report poor behaviour as a bystander, Mindfulicity concentrates on taking personal accountability and responsibility for our behaviour. It starts with us.

Our program demonstrates that we all, regardless of our role, have the ability to influence and de-escalate a challenging situation with some key, basic skills grounded in mindfulness.

And it works! Our customers tell us that our program is an excellent foundation and complement to support other wellness training in their organizations. They found the training created a safe space for teams to speak up and begin sharing stories and situations using a common language.

We believe what sets us apart is our passion to change behaviour in the workplace and not simply provide a program that satisfies compliance, tick-the-box exercise for an organization. Says one customer, “I cannot think of a better toolkit to give the team to navigate the upcoming return-to-office stress. I highly recommend everyone try Mindfulicity for themselves, their teams, and their families.”

With our proven outcomes, we believe that YW Calgary’s Mindfulicity program is helping people build and reinforce skills to prevent conflict before it starts, which is fundamental to our mission.

When you invest in Mindfulicity, not only are you investing in the wellbeing of your employees, but you are investing in the community for maximum impact, as Mindfulicity is a social enterprise. All proceeds go towards providing the most immediate and basic needs to the community so women and families don’t just survive but thrive.

Now that’s a story to tell your employees, your board, your investors and stakeholders! Training with a social purpose that strengthens your organization’s capacity for psychological safety.

If you have questions about Mindfulicity or would like to learn more about the program and how it could be integrated into your organization’s mental health and wellness strategy, contact us now!

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