Coping with Uncertainty

Learn to navigate the complex challenges, stress and unknowns at work and at home.​

What is Coping with Uncertainty?

Coping with Uncertainty is a 15-minute online Mindfulicity course that equips you with proven tools and strategies to help you manage stress and anxiety in a healthy way. 

As COVID-19 restrictions ease, Canadians still face uncertainty and anxiety about the pandemic itself, the economy and the added stress at home and at work. Whether you’re an organization looking to equip employees with new skills or an individual looking to learn how to better navigate this ‘new normal’, Coping with Uncertainty is the perfect quick and effective training for you! Try it for free for a limited time.

Mindfulicity Coping with Uncertainty - positive workplace relationships

Mindfulicity’s Coping with Uncertainty brain-based course explores:

  • The difference between healthy and unhealthy stress;
  • What emotional triggers might cause stress;
  • How stress affects you; and 
  • How to build resilience and manage your stress levels while preparing for the uncertainty ahead.

More tools and skills.

Coping with Uncertainty is part of YW Calgary ‘s Mindfulicity skill-building series. Mindfulicity features 10 bite-size online, evidence-based learning modules that help employers lay the groundwork for psychologically safe and secure spaces where all employees can lead their best lives at work and at home. This training is grounded in proven outcomes from YW Calgary’s Practice Framework.